Join the Celerity Staffing Team

Office and clerical professionals are at the heart of every well-run office or business. When you register with Celerity Staffing, you are joining a team with a 25-year track record of placing employees in positions that best suit their skills and training. Whether you have had several placements or are looking for your first job, it is important to keep in regular contact with your Celerity Staffing professional so we know when you are available and how to get hold of you if your contact information changes.

Celerity Employees Enjoy These Advantages

Personalized Assessment and Training

Once you register, Celerity will perform a free skills assessment to ensure you are suited to the positions that are being offered.

Flexible Employment Options

Celerity offers enhanced employment options best suited to your skills and availability. Every placement is an opportunity to network with a different employer, increasing your potential for a permanent placement if that is your goal.

Enhanced Pay and Benefits

Celerity pays higher than the minimum wage. Our weekly pay periods means less waiting for your wages. Your may also be eligible to participate in our employee benefits package. Talk to your staffing professional to see if you qualify.